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January 2018 Update

“Cheers to a new year and another change for us to get it right” – Oprah Winfrey

Dear Donors and Volunteers of Ashvattha,

Hope you had a wonderful 2017 and beautiful memories to carry with you into 2018. All of you have been a great asset to Ashvattha in changing lives of many people in need. Thank you for all the things you do, to make the world a better place to live. We hope this year will bring you much more joy, happiness and many more memories into your lives.

We apologize for not sending updates for the past few months. We did not receive any requests which we could pursue for the last few months. We promise to do much better this year by proactively reaching out to people in need and helping them.

January Update:

Recently, Team Ashvattha have received a request from one of the family we helped a couple of times, in year 2014. Roma,a young girl with age 21 years, has been suffering with Rickets for the past 10 years. Roma’s father expired in 2006 leaving her mother to take care of the kids. Since then, her mother is struggling very hard to provide on-going treatment for her child and run the family. She approached Ashvattha again for help. Ashvattha volunteers contacted her to know the present situation of Roma is and the treatment details. Treatment is being provided by nature care doctors, which would cost about 6 Lakhs per year and should continue for 3 years.

After getting the details, Team Ashvattha decided to support the girl for a couple of months going forward. We donated an amount of Rs.20,000 for the month of January. We will follow up with Roma’s mother and provide support as need in future.

Roma had a beautiful smile on her face, when she was a kid. Someday, we hope time will bring back the same smile on her face.

AshvatthaJanuary 2018 Update